Unpacking the UK's Autumn Statement 2023

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Maggie Stancheva
November 22, 2023

Boosting Pockets and Businesses: Unpacking the UK's Autumn Statement 2023

In a bid to fortify the UK's economic resilience and foster growth, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has unveiled a comprehensive plan, promising tax cuts, business incentives, and significant boosts for workers. Let's dive into the highlights of the Autumn Statement for Growth, delivered on Wednesday, 22nd November, and explore how it could shape the future for both employees and businesses alike.

Putting Money Back in Workers' Pockets:

National Insurance Tax Cut:

  • Starting January 2024, National Insurance tax for 27 million working people will be cut from 12% to 10%. This move will inject £450 back into the pocket of the average worker earning £35,400 annually, marking the biggest permanent tax cut for workers in modern British history.

Self-Employed Tax Relief:

  • Self-employed individuals, numbering 2 million, will witness a simplified and reduced tax burden. Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (NICs) will drop from 9% to 8% from April 2024, with an additional abolishment of Class 2 NICs, resulting in an average saving of £350 for someone earning £28,000 a year.

Businesses Reaping Benefits:

Biggest Business Tax Cut:

  • Businesses are in for a treat with the largest permanent tax cut in modern British history. Full Expensing: Invest for Less, a permanent tax cut of £11 billion a year, aims to boost business investment by £14 billion across the forecast period, providing a significant stimulus for growth.

Merger of R&D Tax Relief Schemes:

  • The merger of the existing R&D Expenditure Credit and Small and Medium Enterprise Scheme from April 2024 will streamline the system, benefiting innovation in the UK. Loss-making companies will see a tax reduction from 25% to 19%, with more SMEs qualifying for additional support.

Empowering Workers and Welfare Reform:

National Living Wage Increase:

  • The National Living Wage is set to increase by nearly 10%, reaching £11.44 per hour from April 2024. This represents a substantial boost of £1,800 to the annual earnings of a full-time worker on the NLW.

Back to Work Plan:

  • The £2.5 billion Back to Work Plan focuses on supporting individuals with long-term health conditions, disabilities, and difficulties finding employment. Tougher consequences await those who choose not to engage.

Economic Resilience and Infrastructure Investments:

Boosting British Manufacturing:

  • A significant £4.5 billion funding package for British manufacturers, particularly in high-growth industries of the future, with £960 million allocated for the Green Industries Growth Accelerator.

Investment Zones and Freeport Tax Reliefs:

  • Investment Zones and freeport tax reliefs will be extended from 5 to 10 years, fostering a conducive environment for business investment. A new £150 million Investment Opportunity Fund aims to support specific business investment opportunities.

Conclusion: Building a Brighter Future

The Autumn Statement for Growth sets the stage for a robust and resilient UK economy, with tax cuts incentivizing work, businesses benefitting from historic relief, and comprehensive measures supporting workers and welfare reform. As the government positions itself for growth and inflation targets, these decisions promise a brighter future for individuals, businesses, and the nation as a whole. Stay tuned for the positive ripples these changes are expected to create across the economic landscape.

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