We are VeDa

Let us do the numbers.
You've got a Unicorn to run.

Focus on what you do best.
Have a pro handle the rest.

Every business needs to maintain accurate financial records. Obviously!

Accounting shouldn't be a full-time job. Not for you at least. We have worked with all - from start-ups that just got their first seed funding, to rapidly expanding scale-ups.

We're taking care of a unicorn from the days it was just a little pony.
We know the drill.

A few of our favourite things

Bookkeeping & Compliance

Accurate records and timely submissions are our forte.


We know how important paydays are. Your people are our top priority, let us handle your payroll.


Registered for VAT? Not clear whether you should be? We can make sure you are always compliant.

Corporate | Employment | Personal Tax

You must pay taxes. But there's no law that says you gotta leave a tip.

International Business Advisory

You bring the energy and ideas, we bring the know-how and financial expertise.

You don't have to figure it out all by yourself.

How can we help



Let our team take care of the basics as we love to crunch numbers. We can help your business keep the numbers straight at each step of your journey.

From £250
Small Business

We were once a start-up ourselves. We know what it takes to start your business from ground zero. Let us care of your books, you focus on growth.

from £370
Growing Business

With great growth comes great responsibilities. We're here to help with the challenging financial operations that come with it.

from £900
Mature Business

That beast of a business you scaled needs to be mended with care and devotion. Put your focus where it's needed, and let us balance the books.

from £1,800
who are we?

VEDA, the accounting ninjas

OK, but why ninjas?

Because we’re your invisible ally.
We move across the spreadsheet’ shadows, we battle the numbers with sharp minds and the right tools.
We’re at the exact place and time we’re needed.
We’re swift and agile.
We get the job done.
Without the use of masks & nunchakus, though.
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